Built in smart IoT technologies comprise of sensors, controllers and watering kits bringing an efficient system of irrigation that helps implementing drip irrigation in Landscaping and Precision Farming.

SmartGro Controller

The control unit controls and monitors all the functions in the system.

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors senses real-time soil, weather and plant data and send to the controller unit in the smartloop.

Smart Valves

The smart valve opens and closes thereby controlling the water supply as per the instructions from the control unit. The smart valve can be operated by providing a voltage of 12/230V.

Watering Kit

SmartGro watering kit comes with Supply line pipes, Feeder line pipes, Drip emitters, Feeder to main supply line connectors, Emitter stakes, Elbow connectors, T connectors, Dummy (For closing unwanted holes in supply line), Straight connectors with tap, Straight connectors, Universal water tap adapters, End caps, Drip hole punch etc

SmartGro App

Setup, Define zones, Schedule watering, Set events, Read Datas etc from SmartGro Mobile App