SmartGro Features

Built in smart IoT technologies comprise of sensors, controllers and watering kits bringing an efficient system of irrigation that helps implementing drip irrigation in Landscaping and Precision Farming.

Scheduling based on timer

The control unit controls and monitors all the functions in the system.

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Intelligent watering through sensors

Smart sensors senses real-time soil, weather and plant data and send to the controller unit in the smartloop.

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Manual control through mobile app

SmartGro watering kit comes with Supply line pipes, Feeder line pipes, Drip emitters, Feeder to main supply line connectors, Emitter stakes, Elbow connectors, T connectors, Dummy (For closing unwanted holes in supply line), Straight connectors with tap, Straight connectors, Universal water tap adapters, End caps, Drip hole punch etc

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Auto Scheduling with Global Weather Data

SmartGro's AI enabled Smart Controllers can identify the weather conditions using Global weather data and work the smarter way without human interaction to schedule and control the water system.

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The concept of smartGro is to water the plant whenever it needs, at the right time.
Use of Realtime Data

SmartGro uses realtime data that are fed efficiently and accurately by our Smartloop system(Sensor).

Quick & Easy Setup

SmartGro is a simple, easy to install kit. No need to worry about timely watering any more, let SmartGro take control.

Conserve Water

With its precise triggering mechanism, SmartGro helps reducing over watering and under watering, Thus conserving water.