SmartGro LS

SmartGro LS version is designed to support Large Scale Farming. Built in 4G and LoRa Technologies to offer remote data logs and control.

  • 4G Internet Enabled + LoRa
  • Wireless Devices
  • Ideal for Large Scale Farming
  • App and Web Based Interface
  • Geo-Tagging
  • Scalable Number of Valves

Smart Loop

The soil sensor connected to the smart loop monitors the condition like moisture content of the soil and sends these datas to the smartloop and the smart loop decodes these instructions and provide necessary actions against the collected datas. Since the system works wirelessly the transmission losses in the system will be minimum. Moreover no calibration is needed and is ready to use at any time irrespective of the weather.

Smart Control

The smart control unit consist of smart valves and a control unit. The control unit controls and monitors all the functions in the system. The smart valve opens and closes as per the instructions from the control unit. The smart valve can be operated by providing a voltage of 12/230V. The pump in the motor can be operated using 4/230W power supply.